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Meet Our Merchant: Empowering global learners through impactful initiatives at Esol Education

Established in 1976, Esol Education has solidified its reputation as a pioneer in managing high quality international schools across the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. With over 11,000 students enrolled in their programs and a presence in various locations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Cairo, Cyprus, and Lebanon, Esol Education is redefining educational standards.

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How Merchants Can Meet the Unique Expectations of Gen Z

From generation to generation the consumer segment undergoes significant shifts that are driven by the unique and ever-evolving expectations of each generation. Members of Gen Z are no different, and merchants that understand the unique aspects of Generation Z can earn the loyalty of the most diverse, socially conscious, and digitally savvy generation yet.

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Gen Z and the Evolution of Payment Preferences

Payment is the last step in the checkout process. A customer-centric payment experience prevents cart abandonment at the last hurdle so getting payments right is paramount to maximizing revenue. The merchants are addressing a new, changing demographic and the target customers have vastly different expectations about digital life and about payments

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Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone Egypt is the largest telecoms operator in Egypt by market share. The company serves both consumer and business customers in Egypt, providing a broad range of telecoms services from mobile voice and data through to fixed-line internet.

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Do You Need to Adapt Your Customer Payments Strategy?

Various social restrictions in 2020 have driven consumers around the world to change their overall lifestyle, as well as their shopping habits. One result of this has been a shift from in-store payments to transactions made online through ecommerce platforms and digital stores. This has accelerated the digital transformation already taking place pre-pandemic, with more businesses now forced to adapt their offerings to be more digital.

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3 Rising Ecommerce Technologies to Watch

Despite overwhelming evidence that digital commerce initiatives impact day-to-day operations and the overall customer experience, many organizations struggle to get started in the space. Businesses are nervous about investing in cutting edge technology and do not necessarily know what investments they should be making.

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How do Payment Gateways Work?

Payment gateways are specialized pieces of software that authorize and manage payments for customers, merchants, and banks while providing added security to all parties. When implemented correctly, it acts as a seamless connection between e-commerce applications and credit cards processing networks or banks.

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