As CEO of Zurich International has stated himself, the vital truth about digital transformation is that it is only by fusing technology with a culture that businesses can achieve optimal outcomes, and we are pleased to see this truth has been fully realized in the organization’s approach to transforming its digital payment system.

By acknowledging the needs of their customers and working within the context of the company’s values and culture, it has been able to roll out a safe, reassuring and flexible online payments system that offers an enhanced experience for its customers.

Speaking about the new partnership, Omar Soudodi, Managing Director of Amazon Payment Services, commented: “It is a privilege to be part of the digital transformation journey of Zurich International Life Limited, enabling them to become one of the first life Insurance companies in the Middle East to launch an end-to-end digital payment and customer onboarding experience.”

Zurich International Partners with APS to Enhance Customer Digital Services

As more businesses join the movement to enhance their digital payments systems through our services, we are proud to announce that Zurich is one of our most recent partners in the Middle East — building better internal efficiency, security and resilience, while offering their customers more convenience and value for money. 

As part of their service offerings, the leading multi-line insurer, which provides a wide range of life, savings and investment solutions for multinational corporations, is now offering several new online features on their digital customer onboarding platform called Zpro.

With the help of APS, Zurich’s customers can now pay insurance premiums digitally across all of Zurich’s products, as well as enjoy several other benefits outlined below.

Which APS Features Has Zurich International Benefitted From?

To offer its customers a smooth and reliable end-to-end payments service, Zurich International has integrated the following features and benefits through Amazon Payment Services.

  • Acceptance of Payments in Local Currencies - Zurich’s customers can now digitally pay insurance premiums across all of Zurich’s products in local currencies, without incurring currency conversion fees on their cards. They can also make payments on the day of their choosing during the month, offering them more flexibility and convenience.
  • Automated Collection Processes - APS has automated Zurich’s payment collection process so they can start accepting daily collections from their customers. This new system will be less prone to error and should help the organization regulate cash flow.
  • Eliminated Paper Forms - Zurich’s customer interface platform Zpro, with the help of APS, has enabled customers to enter sensitive card details into a secure PCI-compliant environment, which mitigates the risk of data leakage and PCI liability while establishing greater trust with customers.
  • Local Processing and Settlement of Funds - Zurich can now process and receive funds locally in the UAE and Qatar, which is a win-win as it allows the company to enjoy lower bank rates and no transfer fees, while removing the need for customers to pay foreign exchange fees.
  • A Centralized Operations and Support Hub - Zurich can now conduct its payment collection operations for all markets in the GCC, and rest of the world, from its headquarters in Dubai. The insurer can now use APS as their single point of contact for managing the organization’s digital payment needs, providing end-to-end support within the card payment ecosystem.

Enhancing Digital Payment System for All Businesses

As we move forward, APS is delighted to bring on board more organizations like this who are willing to transform and improve their online payment systems, both for their own benefit but also for that of their customers, who can enjoy more flexibility, convenience and reliability through APS’s centralized payments solutions.