Get full control of your business to keep growing

Get to know your customers better through detailed reports, expert analysis and real-time monitoring of their payment activities.

Monitor gives you detailed insights into your customers’ payment activities

Effective monitoring helps you stay on top of your game. From understanding exactly how your payment life cycles work for each customer to addressing potential issues in real-time.

Real-time monitoring

Track your customers’ payment behaviour in real-time to create more rewarding online experiences. No need to wait for the weekly or monthly reports in order to obtain analytics. Allow your business to operate more effectively and service your customers better through the use of business intelligence and a real time monitoring to track your operational and analytical KPIs across payment options and channels.
Resolve payment issues
• Failed payment notifications
• Incomplete transaction updates
• Fraud detection and prevention
Immediate payment alerts
• Notifications
• Email
Record accomplishments
• Total transaction volumes
• Payment success rates
• Effective payment life cycles

Monitor Plus

Provide an additional level of control to never miss a transaction and peace of mind by adding processor redundancy and BIN suppression. By using smart business rules coupled with redundancy between processors, your customers will always have a frictionless and smooth payment experience.

Increase availability and decrease downtime by safeguarding against any processor or issuer downtime.

Spotlight report

Get customized analysis on your payment performance with in-depth reports and targeted recommendations created by our payment specialists.
Detailed reports
• Monthly breakdowns
• Record of actions taken by support team
• Identify recurring issues
• Apply effective and timely solutions
• Avoid future incidents
Analysis and advice
• Tailored advice and recommendations
• Industry-specific solutions
• Explanations and summaries from our payment experts

Monitor the pulse of your business performance


Grow your customer base by accepting more payment options