Powerful insights

We understand that online payment data is a scarce and valuable resource. To help you dig deeper into the trends and markets that matter to you, we’ve collected the most useful insights into the UAE, KSA and Egypt that can help you make better, more data-driven decisions for your business.
Powerful insights of the UAE, KSA and Egypt
Nourish your business with insights

Nourish your business with meaningful insights

Whether you’re a start-up facing fresh challenges or an established enterprise looking to scale, you can utilize our trends and industry data to understand different markets and build stronger strategies based on your business goals and demographic targets.

Expand to new markets with country-specific insights

Every country offers unique opportunities and challenges. To support your expansion plans in the Middle East, we’ve gathered a wealth of data about this increasingly competitive region.
Country specific insights
Insightful reports

Insightful reports

Information gathered from our comprehensive payment behavior survey allows you to learn even more about consumers in your market so that you can confidently build strategies to achieve your core business objectives and tailor your approach.

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