Fast, secure payments for Ticketing

Always delight ticket buyers with an effortless, reliable payment experience.
Fast, secure payments for Ticketing
Securely process payments for tickets
Securely process payments for tickets no matter how high the demand, and make sure real fans get the tickets they want – when they want it.

Amazon Payment Services offers online ticket sellers an affordable route to handling large transaction volumes safely and securely. Keeping fans happy, and blocking ticketing abusers and fraudulent transactions.

Low fees, high capacity

Enjoy affordable payment processing and rest assured that your customers can always check out and pay.
  • • Accommodate go-live demand thanks to robust payment processing capacity.

    • Monetize maximum ticket value with predictable, affordable processing fees.

    • Act as a reliable ticketing platform for a range of events and locations.
  • Low fees, high capacity
    Top ticketing experience

    Top ticketing experience

    Ticketing involves small transaction amounts but can be high in emotion. Always meet expectations with flawless payment processing.
  • • Never allow last-minute payment glitches to cause ticketing frustration.

    • Make it easy to buy tickets even if your customers prefer local payment methods.

    • Quick and easy repeat ticketing with no need to re-enter card details, thanks to Safe Service (tokenization).
  • Stop ticket abuse and fraud

    Don’t let unscrupulous actors snatch tickets out of the hands of real fans.
  • • Monitor ticket purchasing and limit the use of cards and IP addresses.

    • Stop bulk buying in its tracks thanks to real-time monitoring.

    • Limit exposure to fraudulent payment cards with built-in security.
  • Stop ticket abuse and fraud

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