Offer flexible and secure payments
to travelers

Give travelers the freedom to book with your airline – no matter where in the world they are.
Offer flexible and secure payments to travelers
Accept airline ticket payments around the globe
Overcome the unique payment challenges of airline ticketing and drive growth with a seamless, global payment experience that boosts conversions.

Amazon Payment Services works with airlines large and small to eliminate checkout hurdles, broaden customer reach, and manage potential challenges – including fraud, compliance, and chargebacks.

Seamless and simple booking experiences

Get your customers on board with a turbulence-free payment process.
  • • Eliminate last-minute payment issues, minimizing the risk of abandoned transactions.

    • Give customers the opportunity to upscale travel with easy access to financing options.

    • Make online booking the simplest and most convenient option for your customers.
  • Seamless and simple booking experiences
    Minimize payment risks

    Minimize payment risks

    Safely process high-value transactions and build trust with your customers, thanks to our secure payment processing features.
  • • Lower your transaction risk profile with essential security and anti-fraud measures.

    • Less risk of fraud and failed transactions reduces chargebacks and minimizes deposits and hold-backs.

    • Beat increasing compliance regulations with a payment partner that’s always one step ahead.
  • Global travelers, global payments

    Reduce barriers to booking with a multi-currency payments partner that covers local and global payment methods.
  • • Effortlessly accept cross-border and foreign currency transactions.

    • Enjoy a competitive advantage by accepting the local payment methods travelers prefer.

    • Display live currency conversions giving your customers price transparency and eliminating doubt.
  • Global travelers, global payments

    The payment partner for the travel industry

    Amadeus provides an end-to-end payment solution that is fully integrated with the travel ecosystem.

    The company is uniquely positioned to offer specific solutions that help airlines, travel agencies and hotels take payments from travellers as well as facilitate payments to various travel suppliers.

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