Fuel your business growth with data-driven decisions

Data-mine gives you the power to bring all your customer insights and reports into one place. Build your dashboard by merging data from different sources and more.
Grow your business using data
The easiest way to view your payment flow
The easiest way to view your payment flow
Data-mine helps you streamline multi-way reconciliations for closing books faster and highlighting fraud early. You can access different reports and download them for any date range for your revenue, refunds, fees, and more.
Automate your data transfer processes and focus on what matters
Create custom reports automatically, improve accuracy and pinpoint errors. Data-mine helps you save time by automating tedious data pulling activities so you and your team can focus on finding answers to critical business questions.
Automate your data transfer processes
Blend data with different workflows
Blend data with different workflows
Connect to your favorite data reporting tools with our easy-to-integrate Data-mine service. You can import transactions securely and integrate with all primary e-commerce reporting tools for high-integrity data and effortless workflows.
Analyze customer behavior on your website
Dig deep into customer data sets, visualize trends, and collect customer behavior information from all channels and geographies. Data-mine lets you drive customer, acquisition, retention, and growth by discovering key details about your payment performance, including standard ticket sizes, acceptance ratios, declined transactions and more.
Leverage customer behavior

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Protect your payments

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