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Peter George
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What’s next for Digital Payments in the Middle East

Sponsored by Amazon Payment Services
Executive Summary:
Get deep insights on the rapidly changing digital payments landscape and how younger consumers and companies influence digital payments. Understand what are the key themes that drive digital payments and the innovative payment solutions that drives adoption of digital payments.
The whitepaper covers:
• The macro and socio-economic trends driving digital payments in the MENA region.
• Consumer behaviour regarding digital payments, and the game-changing role of SMEs.
• The key themes within the payment industry.
• Business imperatives for merchants for the near future.
* Source - Estimates and prospects set out in this whitepaper have been prepared based on research study done by Euromonitor International.

Events & Publications

Building Customer Trust through Secure Product Development and Delivery

March 1st, 2023
Our exclusive webinar discusses mechanisms that Amazon Payment Services employs towards developing secure products that help you build greater trust with your customers.

re:Imagine Payments Podcast Episode 1 with Ahmed Gaber, CEO of the Entertainer

June 5,2023
re:Imagine Payments aims at fostering conversations on digital payments. This first episode features Ahmed Gaber, CEO of the Entertainer and Peter George, Managing Director at Amazon Payment Services. Join us as we connect with some of the most influential leaders in the industry to discuss the evolution of digital payments.

Emerging Payment Trends in the UAE :5 Insightful Takeaways

Mar 19, 2023
With over 800 fintech start-ups worth USD 15.5 billion, the UAE is emerging as a global fintech hub and leading the way in digital banking.Transformation is being driven by a digitally competent SME sector constituting 94% of companies in the private sector and contributing 40% of the country’s GDP.The nation also has a strong base for the adoption of technology and digital payments, with Millennials making up a substantial 47% of society.
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The whitepaper has been prepared based on in-depth research into the payment industry done by Euromonitor International. Estimates of segment share may be incomplete and unreliable and/or may not include a full set of substitutable products.
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