Secure and solid payments for Insurers

Build customer trust and ensure policy continuity with a modern and secure payment service provider.
Enable both policy sign-up and policy continuity with a flexible payment infrastructure that ensures both frictionless initial payments – and effortless renewals.

Amazon Payment Services delivers payment processing that meets today’s growing compliance requirements and plays a critical role to ensure smooth premium payments.

Convenient, trust-driven payments

Stand taller than your competitors by offering a stellar payment experience that instills trust.
  • • Innovative, omni-channel payment capabilities that deliver growth across partners and infrastructures.

    • Enable secure payments and eliminate offline processes using our service ‘Collect’.

    • Meet card industry compliance requirements with a security-first payment service provider.
  • Remove payments barriers

    Bridge the affordability gap of large up-front premiums and accept local payment methods too.
  • • Commit to a large risk even if your customer cannot pay a large premium up-front thanks to our Lend and installments services.

    • Go beyond common card networks and accept the local payment methods your customers love to use.

    • Never lose a customer at the payment stage thanks to re-assuring, seamlessly integrated payment forms.
  • Policy continuity and customer retention

    Don’t let payments get in the way of policy continuity – retain your policyholders thanks to flexible, cutting-edge payment processing.
    • Automated, digital collection processes that reduce admin and ensures that policies rarely lapse.

    • Easy-to-integrate recurring and subscription payments ensure that your firm never misses a billing instance.

    • Offer financing options for policy renewal so that policies do not lapse due to customer cash flow challenges.
    Open access to new markets
    and maintain steady, safe and secure standards