Streamline your payment acceptance process

Offer your customers smooth, single-click payment experiences without the need to enter their card number and expiry date every time.
Accept payments faster with high payment acceptance ratio
Take a risk-based approach

Take a risk-based approach

Create smart business rules to selectively bypass 2-factor authentication (3D Secure) and introduce a frictionless transaction flow, every time your customers shop with you.

Better payment experiences

Hedge against loss and ensure customers don’t drop off at the last hurdle during the 2-factor authentication process by bypassing 3D secure and simplifying your customers’ payment experience.
Better payment experience
Reduce transaction failures due to incorrect card verification value(CVV)

Reduce transaction failures

Avoid payment failures after successful authentication due to incorrect card verification value (CVV) input.

Process payments from more people and expand your customer base

Track your customers

Interested in tracking your customers’ payment behavior?