Add an extra level of security to sensitive data

Handle sensitive data in the safest way possible and enable “one-click” payments for future transactions using card tokenization. Designed to protect your customer from digital breaches.
Security to sensitive data
Extreme payment security

Enhanced payment security

Safe is a sure way to protect your customers’ data from hackers. In case of a breach, fraudsters won’t be able to use stolen data as all your payment information will be stored and encrypted securely using a unique series of characters only readable by the payment processor.

Reduce your costs

Safe is a smart approach to saving money on the cost of customer data storage and meeting Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) compliance regulation, allowing you to focus on business growth.
Safe and secure payment experience

Build trust
with your customers

Provide a safe and secure payment experience to your online shoppers. Offer returning customers an automated checkout experience without them needing to enter payment details
each time they buy something. Subscription businesses can also collect payments without reissuing payment requests by storing payment information securely.

Optimize your payments
and protect your business

Track your customers

Interested in tracking your customers’ payment behavior?