Pan Home's mission is simple yet profound: to inspire customers to reimagine and recreate their dream homes. The company’s showrooms do just that, as they offer an immersive and inspiring experience where customers can explore a vast array of both indoor and outdoor furnishings. Their offerings enable customers to transform four walls into stylish homes that reflect the unique personalities and preferences of their owners.

What Was the Challenge?

One of the major challenges for Pan Home in providing an exceptional experience to its customers, was the absence of a unified payment system across its multiple touchpoints. Pan Home also wanted to explore innovative solutions to transition from cash-on-delivery orders to digital payments. The objective was clear:

  • To revamp their payment experience
  • Offer customers a smoother checkout experience
  • Reduce instances of fraud while eliminating operational downtime

Recognising the complexity of these payment-related requirements, Pan Home began collaborating with Amazon Payment Services.

This collaboration marked the beginning of an inspiring journey toward redefining payment processes, optimising compliance, and streamlining fraud management. It laid the foundation for a customer-centric approach empowering Pan Home for future digital innovation.

Driving the Ideal Payments collaboration

The decision to collaborate with Amazon Payment Services was rooted in the acknowledgement that a payment provider should be more than just a service; it should be a strategic partner capable of addressing the unique needs of a multifaceted business such as Pan Home. Pan Home recognised the need to expand their utilisation of Amazon Payment Services' comprehensive suite of payment products, including credit card portal, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), Installments, Apple Pay, Payment Links, and Local payments. The collaboration delivered substantial results, leading to improvements across various aspects of Pan Home's operations. 

Faster Transactions

Pan Homes’ ecommerce volumes increased 20% month-on-month. This significant growth was a potential result of the enhanced payment flexibility offered by Amazon Payment Services, which encouraged customers to make more frequent and larger purchases. Since our collaboration nearly 25% of the orders were converted to Apple Pay, allowing customers to experience seamless and faster transactions. Additionally, 30% of the orders were converted to Buy-Now, Pay-Later  transactions, which enabled customers to order higher value products in a more affordable and flexible way.

The collaboration's positive impact on efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue underscored the role Amazon Payment Services played in Pan Home's journey towards digital transformation and business growth.

"Thanks to our engagement with Amazon Payment Services, our customers now have greater flexibility in terms of when, and how much, they can pay, and greater freedom in their choice of payment methods. We are also seeing fewer cases of fraud."

Asif Uddin Mohammed, Head of E-commerce, Pan Home

The Power of Collaboration

In the dynamic world of commerce, where customer expectations are constantly evolving, companies like Pan Home are reshaping their strategies to meet these challenges head-on. The collaboration between Pan Home and Amazon Payment Services exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration. By adopting Amazon Payment Service’s tailored solutions, Pan Home has not only improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction but also set a precedent for digital transformation in the home furnishing industry.

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