Adapting to Cashless Payments

Accredited by esteemed institutions such as the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and the Council of International Schools (CIS), each Esol school follows either the American or British curriculum. Esol Education observed a notable shift in how parents engage with educational institutions. Today's parents increasingly seek the convenience of online, app-based solutions that ensure a seamless experience. With this shift towards online payments and user-friendly interfaces amplified in recent years, Esol has invested in enhancing its digital infrastructure to meet these evolving expectations.

In efforts to facilitate a digital campus, Esol began working with the Spare app for supplemental payments for items such as cafeteria food and uniforms. Designed by parents for parents, the Spare app allows parents to have control over spending habits, receive important communications, and can even set limits or block certain food items for allergy-prone children. Esol also incorporated the Zenda app into their digital campus, which facilitates Buy-Now, Pay-Later (BNPL) payments for schools. With the introduction of mobile apps, Esol Education aligned with evolving parent preferences, offering a seamless experience that extended beyond tuition payments.

Through the Spare app, Esol has not only become a cashless campus but also improved parent engagement. Beyond payments, the app serves as a vital communication tool for parents, creating a centralised hub for all school-related activities. As they continue to gather data and insights, Esol Education plans to further customise and personalise the experience for individual parents, further solidifying their commitment to educational excellence.

Shaping the Future of Education

  • Commencing Payment Transformation: What started as a collaboration to facilitate online payments in 2019 evolved into a comprehensive transformation. Esol began with tuition payments, enabling parents to make payments through a payment link generated by Amazon Payment Services. As the collaboration deepened, school apps were integrated through third-party providers, further streamlining payment processes, and enhancing the experience for both parents and the accounting department.
  • Forming Connections: By empowering parents to conduct transactions through Amazon Payment Services, Esol now goes beyond the realm of mere payments. This approach enables them to establish deeper connections with parents, expanding their engagement into a broader spectrum of Esol’s offerings.
  • Sales Growth: Transaction volumes skyrocketed, with a 300% increase in transaction numbers since the inception of the partnership in 2020. Moreover, the transacted payment volume surged by an impressive 200%. These numbers reflect not only the success of the partnership but also the evolving dynamics of parent-school interactions in a digital age.

“Amazon Payment Services has played a significant role in enabling online payments for our parents via the web and the mobile apps that we use at our schools. It has provided additional flexibility for parents in making various payments, and also given us an opportunity to increase parent engagement via the mobile apps.” Joseph Nettikaden, Chief Information Officer, Esol Education

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

While Esol’s primary focus remains on delivering top-notch education, the integration of Amazon Payment Services products and services has significantly enhanced both parent and Esol team engagement. With Amazon Payment Services’ unwavering support in terms of payment link generation and invoicing, the future holds promise for companies all over the world.

"Amazon Payment Services has brought us peace of mind through their seamless and secure offerings." - Joseph Nettikaden, Chief Information Officer, Esol Education

Esol Education's strategic collaboration with Amazon Payment Services reflects a commitment to innovation and streamlining parent engagement. As they continue to adapt to changing tides and pioneer new approaches, the bonds formed with parents go beyond transactions; they signify a profound investment in the future of education.

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