Bringing Technology into Education 

iCademy ME stands out for its distinctive approach to education - seamlessly combining the best of traditional schooling with personalised and flexible learning options. This includes students from Kindergarten through Grade 12, as well as NCAA-eligible courses for athletes. iCademy ME is an online learning provider at its core, continuously keeping pace with the latest trends and needs in education. They enable optimal learning for students with curriculum features like interactive software, live class sessions, and collaborative environments.

Amplifying Education with Digital Impact 

What sets iCademy ME apart is its commitment to digital learning. Licensed by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), iCademy ME has facilitated digital education in the UAE, where many schools were caught unprepared during the pandemic. During that period, various schools reached out to iCademy ME for assistance in transitioning to online learning. Having a digital payments option during the pandemic helped them double their number of students from 500 to 1200 by providing a convenient way to pay fees for the parents. In addition to providing their own courses that teachers could utilize, iCademy ME gave schools and teachers the opportunity to upload their own curriculum and use the iCademy portal to teach the students as well.

Creating Value with Amazon Payment Services

  • Streamlined Payment Collection: iCademy ME has enjoyed a successful partnership with Amazon Payment Services for 8 years, effectively streamlining payment collection from students in various regions.
  • Ease of Integration: iCademy ME found Amazon Payment Services to offer unparalleled ease of integration, simplifying their financial processes.
  • Efficient Invoicing: Amazon Payment Services facilitated a closer collaboration with banks, resulting in smoother and more efficient invoicing procedures for iCademy Middle East.

"Our partnership with Amazon Payment Services has been instrumental in our journey. Their support, ease of integration, and payment solutions have simplified our operations, allowing us to focus on what we do best - providing quality education." - Fazal Rehman, IT Manager, iCademy Middle East

At the Forefront of Transformation

As the world evolves, so does education, and iCademy ME is at the forefront of this transformation. Amazon Payment Services empowered iCademy ME with global payment options and seamless integration, ensuring top-tier education standards.

Collaborating with the right payment partner can elevate your global presence from a local merchant to a transformative force, and support you in embracing limitless growth possibilities. 

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