You may, like so many, still be unsure about how the social audio app even works, despite its recent explosion onto the scene and strong monthly download volume that peaked at over 9 million in February 2021.

Yet, due to the unique nature of the platform and the features it offers, we believe it’s still an incredibly useful tool to be leveraged in the growth of your brand — whether you’re trying to learn, connect or simply acquire new customers. Here are the 5 top ways online merchants and new ecommerce business owners can use Clubhouse today.

1.     Make Strategic Connections

Clubhouse is ideal for engaging with others around particular areas of interest, such as “sales”, “startups” and “business”, which are among the top trending topics on the app. As such, Clubhouse is one of the best spaces to make strategic connections with people in your space who can offer complementary skills, knowledge and services.

Try to think about the various professionals that could support your growth like suppliers, distributors, independent shop owners, manufacturers, or even investors who could help you scale your business. Clubhouse is a great way for making an initial connection with these people. And to do this, all you need to do is simply start a room and talk about your business.

As you explore your achievements, challenges and vision, you have a good chance of attracting the kind of people worth mixing with or receiving immediate feedback from potential future partners.

Alternatively, you can search out other rooms and focus on adding value to ongoing conversations before building a connection with certain individuals, eventually taking the conversation into a more private space to talk further.


2.   Establish Your Personal Brand

While LinkedIn is still seen as the best place to build your personal brand amongst other professionals and important players in your industry, it’s also true that the platform’s popularity has made it much harder to get noticed.

The great thing about Clubhouse is, despite its growth, it’s still young enough to offer significant potential to business owners who want to carve out a strong personal brand. Being active in various rooms, hosting your own discussions, networking with the right people and offering up your general expertise can position you as a confident thought leader.

It also presents itself as a way for business owners to conduct themselves in a more intimate and casual way, due to its non-recorded audio-based nature, encouraging genuine and meaningful discussions.


3.  Learn from Customers and Test the Market

If you spend enough time on Clubhouse, you may well see someone of significance “stroll” into a room and offer their thoughts on a specific topic. While the likelihood of this happening when the platform first took off was much higher, it’s still common for CEOs, founders, industry leaders and even celebrities to frequent Clubhouse and its rooms.

Some of these players are here for one thing in particular, which is getting feedback from their customers about new features or ideas for product development. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same if you’re testing out a new aspect of your brand you need to soundboard before you commit.

Simply create a room and ask for feedback on your latest business idea and see if other business leaders (as well as potential future customers) offer their take on what you’re doing.

Another interesting approach is to plan targeted market research rooms and focus groups on the app. By setting up a room and guiding attendees to respond to certain questions and prompts, you can really listen to what people think about specific issues relating to your business.


4.   Keep Up with Current News and Trends in Your Industry

We find that many business owners use Clubhouse simply to listen to what’s happening in the world. Being able to check-in to specific rooms that discuss issues that concern your sector is a great way to passively stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the world of global trends, developments in technology or threats facing ecommerce businesses.

If new regulations, software updates, or global restrictions are being launched, you can get immediate insight into what other ecommerce leaders are doing to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Equally, Clubhouse could be a place to identify new gaps and opportunities you need to capitalize on. All you need to do is join relevant chats and listen to what people say.


5.   Issue Announcements Via Clubhouse

Finally, we believe Clubhouse, like Twitter and other platforms have shown in the past, has become a great way to inform customers about company news and developments. When used effectively, it lets you open up discussions based on changes you’ve made or new products you have launched, helping to create a buzz.

It also gives you a chance to showcase your values as a brand and interact with your audience in a way that shows them you’re committed to making a positive impact.


Final Thoughts

We understand that your social media ecosystem may already feel far too complex to add another channel into the mix. And when you’re launching an ecommerce store or expanding your business to make more online sales, focusing on more traditional platforms like Facebook or Instagram to drive immediate sales and brand awareness will seem like the most practical move.