Your input helps us understand your preferences, pain points, and evolving requirements, enabling us to shape the future of our products and services. Here’s a highlight of what you contributed to in 2023.

Operational Excellence

We made significant strides in enhancing your support experience. You can now reach our teams instantly through our new Live Chat and Chat Bot. The Live Chat feature, embedded in our website, offers real-time support at your fingertips, providing responses to basic FAQs instantly. We have also enabled automated refunds for KNET and Benefit, while further optimizing the refund process for mada in KSA and for our SMB merchants in the UAE. Additionally, we have increased redundancy across our services and most of our merchants are now benefiting from enhanced coverage during service disruptions.

Product and Service Launches

We have introduced several new offerings to elevate your payment experience, including obtaining a license from the UAE Central Bank enabling Amazon Payment Services to deliver more streamlined payments processing, which SMBs in the UAE are set to gain the most from, with a range of benefits including faster onboarding and lower cost of payments. Driving greater efficiency, we havewe also rolled out self-onboarding initiatives, including click-through agreements and enhanced  KYC processes. Other key launches include Buy-Now, Pay-Later (BNPL) with Tabby in the UAE, as well as the introduction of local payment method OmanNet in Oman. We have also expanded our footprint to Bahrain, our 9th country of operation.

Integration Excellence

Based on your feedback and direct input from our developer community, we have made significant enhancements to our API documentation. We have added new sections, optimized the update process, and improved sample codes and integration resources. To further ease merchant onboarding, we have prioritized a new developer-centric approach, introducing OpenAPI and no-coding integration options. We have also optimized our existing plugins and SDKs, while launching new features for popular entities including .NET, Flutter, and React Native. Responding to your input, we have also improved our automated monitoring and remediation of API related errors, to enhance payment performance and acceptance.

Your voice is integral to our success, and we remain committed to incorporating your feedback in shaping our Amazon Payment Services solutions together. Contact us here for more suggestions.