Toeing the Line Between Online and Brick-and-Mortar Retail Experiences

Zbooni lies at the intersection between online retail and brick-and-mortar businesses. It focuses on the type of transaction where social interactions, conversations and one-to-one engagements are critical. Unlike other payment gateways or marketing engines, Zbooni's unique selling point is its ability to utilize chat apps to boost sales.

Zbooni’s ability to cater to businesses that depend on personal interactions and services, rather than self-service online retail models, is what sets it apart. It fills the gap for such companies, creating a distinct space where customers can communicate with businesses directly. Zbooni customers can explore various activities and services across a multitude of categories, from sports and dining experiences, to professional services and boutiques. They can also browse each business' catalogue, and chat with them to clear any doubts, which helps companies build lasting relationships with both existing and new clients.

Zbooni's most significant feature is its understanding of regional consumer behaviour. Zbooni serves as a bridge, facilitating businesses' interactions with customers through their preferred channels. “We want to work with companies, empowering them in a region that relies on chat applications for their operations and customer interactions,” said Ashraf Atia, COO of Zbooni.

Creating Value with Amazon Payment Services

Amazon Payment Services is one of Zbooni's first and oldest payment partners. It assists Zbooni’s operations in the UAE, KSA, and Jordan.

“Amazon Payment Services plays a critical role in how we can deliver our solutions to customers. We know the Amazon Payment Services team offers a safe and reliable pair of hands that helps us grow our business, and deliver a seamless and secure experience to our customers.” - Ashraf Atia, COO, Zbooni.

With Amazon Payment Services as a trusted collaborator, Zbooni continues to empower businesses in the region. It embraces chat's vital role in fostering meaningful connections with customers, and driving sales in the digital retail era.