Ramadan is a unique opportunity for ecommerce merchants to engage consumers when they are actively looking for a range of items online. This includes outfits to wear during upcoming social gatherings, as well as gifts for family and friends during the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

As an important period for brands operating in the Middle East, we outline a few proven ways to boost your sales during Eid and beyond.


1. Offer Flexible and Convenient Payment Options

Even though more people will be browsing for products online during Ramadan, cart abandonment rates are typically higher too. A major reason for this is that online payment options are not flexible or convenient enough.

For instance, many customers will fail to complete their transaction if they do not find their preferred payment option. This can include specific credit cards and local payment methods like Mada, Meeza, Benefit, OmanNet, KNET, and NAPS, as well as cash on delivery options.

If your payment options are too limited, you will limit the number of shoppers you appeal to and therefore the proportion of sales that will reach completion.

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2. Optimize Your Checkout Page

Shoppers want payment service providers that are safe and reliable. In light of increased fraud and cyber security threats these days, customers want to feel that their details are completely secure as they finalize their purchases. A few simple ways to do this are:

      Integrate trust signals like safety badges, credit card logos, and a company privacy policy that explains how you protect customer credit card information

      Enhance the speed and efficiency of your checkout process to reduce payment friction and customer hesitancy

      Simplify the user experience (UX) by removing any unnecessary steps, as well as text, images and form fields that do not need to be featured on the checkout page

      Ensure the payment experience is smooth and efficient on mobile devices

      Offer autofill options for customer information


3. Make Purchases of Big-Ticket Items Easier with Installments

During Eid, many people have the desire to purchase large gifts and tokens of appreciation for family and friends, but are prevented from doing so due to limited cash savings or access to reliable short-term finance.

However, alternate payment options like our Installment service allows customers to receive their products immediately at a low upfront cost, while businesses get paid in full immediately.

We’ve seen from our own research into this payments segment that interest in alternative payment options has grown substantially across the Middle East—including in countries like Egypt where accessing consumer finance and banking is traditionally more difficult.

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4. Leverage the Power of Amazon Ads

Data from Amazon shows that over 58% of shoppers begin their preparations between two weeks to a month before the start of Eid. Brands selling on the marketplace should therefore start thinking about their marketing strategies early, considering the best ways to raise awareness and get their products in front of more people.

One powerful way to do this is to utilize Amazon Ads, which offers a suite of different features and tools that merchants can use to give their listings more exposure during Eid.

While there are many ways to integrate Amazon Ads into your marketing mix, using Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products in the days and weeks running up to Ramadan can help your listings retain strong exposure during a time of increased traffic and competition.

5. Partner with Influencers

Several studies have proven that shoppers are more likely to trust a brand that partners with a trustworthy creator. For instance, 36% of respondents in a study by YouGov said influencer posts are the best way for brands to get customers to try new products.

Partnering with influencers and creators whose audiences and values match your brand’s is a powerful way to put your products in front of the right people and drive sales. A few great ways to collaborate include:

      Send Eid-themed gifts or products to influencers

      Invite influencers to Eid events

      Co-organize social media giveaway activities 

      Create a dedicated Eid discount code for your influencer’s community

6. Make Your Eid Campaign Special

Creating unique offers, discounts and coupons during Eid is a simple yet effective way to increase sales during this period.

As well as giving people more incentive to shop from you, seasonal offers and campaign activities show your audience that you care about their beliefs and interests. A few ways to make your campaign extra special are:

      Create discount codes that can be added during checkout

      Refresh your website and product pages with visuals that symbolize Ramadan

      Develop original video content inspired by the season

      Create limited-edition Eid products or bundles

      Give away special perks and rewards to your existing subscriber base

      Partner and collaborate with other brands