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Transaction dashboard

It's easy to keep a close eye on your day to day transaction performance so that you can rapidly respond to changing business circumstances.

The Amazon Payment Services dashboard helps you to monitor the performance of your merchant account, including an instant overview of transaction volume, acceptance rates and the most common reasons for a decline.

What can I review on the transaction dashboard?

Using the transaction dashboard you get an instant overview of your transaction performance at a single glance.

Key insights include acceptance ratios, the refund ratio, and common reasons for declines. The transaction dashboard helps you to monitor for, and to debug, any issues in your transaction performance.

The monitoring panel automatically draws a line graph for both successful and declined transactions so you can quickly differentiate between these two critical categories.

At the top of the dashboard you'll find KPI's for critical merchant account data, including:

  • Successful transactions. An indicator that counts how many successful transactions were processed through your merchant account. We include successful capture transactions and purchase transactions in this figure -- amounts that were merely authorized do not count.

  • Failed transactions. Here we render a figure representing failed transactions which we calculate by adding up failed authorizations, failed purchases, and any transactions that are incomplete or where the transaction was dropped for another reason.

  • Acceptance ratio. An easy to reference figure that highlights the ratio of successful compared to failed transactions.

  • Refund ratio. Quickly see what percentage of your transactions are leading to refund requests, as calculated by dividing the total number of refunded transactions by the total number of approved transactions.

Figure KPI Dashboard

We also provide two detailed and customizable graphs outlining acceptance by number of transactions and acceptance by volume so that you can monitor acceptance performance over a period of time.

Finally, the transaction dashboard provides you with a list of the most common reasons why transactions are getting declined in your merchant account.

The list denoting top decline reasons a critical tool that can help you identify emerging problems before these start to affect a wider group of customers.

Figure View the most common reasons transactions are declined

Customizing the transaction dashboard

You can adjust the transaction data is displayed in two ways. First, you can choose to monitor according to a specific currency -- by USD, or AED, for example.

Next, you can adjust the transaction period to only cover a specific date range -- while also selecting amongst daily, weekly and monthly monitoring.

In other words, you can easily get an overview of your performance on a specific day, while also retrieving a quick visual overview that outlines performance over the period of a year.

Generating reports

Note that you can get more specific answers to your monitoring questions by making use of our reporting tool.

You enjoy access to both financial reporting covering successful transactions, and broader reporting detailing the full transaction history. We also offer access to our reporting tool via an API so that you can build your own reporting application.

Read more about reporting here.

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