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No matter where in the world your business is located it is easy to offer your customers a local shopping experience by making use of the localization options on offer from Amazon Payment Services.

You can customize the language used in the shopping experience and accept local payment methods. We also offer live currency conversion and simple tools to handle currencies -- all to help you customize your shopping experience to meet the local preferences of your customers.

Response and checkout language

You can select the language that Amazon Payment Services uses in its communications with your customers to meet their language preferences.

For example, you can customize payment processing interactions by setting your language choice for the standard and custom merchant page integration route, for redirection, and for our mobile SDKs. You can also customize the language used when generating invoices.

It's also possible to ensure that transaction response messages are sent in the language that your customer prefers.

Read more about language settings here.

Local payment methods

Though debit and credit cards issued on the major global networks are a standard and popular payment method, many other commonly used payment methods exist in countries around the world.

You can offer your customers the ability to pay using a local payment method such as a bank-linked debit card issued on a local payment network.

Amazon Payment Services has several agreements with local financial institutions covering local payment methods -- including both payment cards and installment financing.

Read more about local payment methods here.

Handling currencies

Where you serve customers across different geographical areas you will need to take certain steps to handle different currencies.

As a global provider of payment processing services, Amazon Payment Services makes it easy to handle currencies under a wide range of circumstances.

Read our page on handling currencies here.

Live currency conversion

Currency calculations can mean a challenging experience for shoppers -- who may simply prefer to shop where they can see prices in their local currency.

You can easily present prices in your customer's local currency by making use of Amazon Payment Services' live currency conversion service.

Read more about our currency conversion API here.

Any questions?

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