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Monitoring and reporting tools

Amazon Payment Services offers a comprehensive range of back office tools that enable you to manage and monitor critical aspects of your merchant account. Tools available to you include real time transaction analysis, web-based and API-driven reporting, and customizable notifications.

Real time monitoring

You can monitor your merchant account for key performance indicators and for any unusual activity through our real time monitoring dashboard.

The monitoring dashboard in our back office allows you to monitor, in real time, transaction performance aspects including the percentage of transactions approved and the volume of refunds issued. The real time monitoring dashboard updates continuously.

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Figure 1 Real time monitoring dashboard

Transaction dashboard

Easily get an overview of the overall performance of your merchant account with our transaction dashboard. View key indicators including acceptance ratio, refund ratio, and the number of successful and failed transactions.

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Reporting tools

Whether you require a simple point and click report or need direct access to your transaction data you can rely on Amazon Payment Services' reporting capabilities to give you the insights you need. We offer you two routes to gain reporting insights:


Timely notifications alert you to key trends in your merchant account and to flag any transactions that can require an immediate response.

Avoid alert fatigue by customizing the notifications that you receive to only send you the alerts that matter the most.

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