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Processing payments

Swiftly give your customers a user-friendly, secure payment experience thanks to easy-to-implement payment integration routes from Amazon Payment Services.

We support all popular global card networks and many local payment options too. Your customers can also pay using digital wallets including Masterpass, Visa and Apple Pay.

In this section we cover standard payment processing integration for ordinary, one-off e-commerce transactions. In other words, where a customer visits your site, fills a shopping cart with items, checks out, and pays.

Refer to the next section for more advanced payment processing requirements including recurring payments, batch processing and invoicing.

Website integration

Amazon Payment Services offers you four routes to start accepting payments on your website. You can choose rapid implementation, or harness your development resources to offer a highly customized payment experience:

  1. Standard merchant page integration. A rapid yet customizable route to giving your customers a seamless checkout experience right on your website.

  2. Custom merchant page integration. Meet your challenging technical and customization requirements with a custom-coded payment form, hosted on your website.

  3. Redirection to payment gateway. The simplest integration method, redirecting your customer to our web server for payment processing.

  4. Plugins for popular e-commerce suites. Already using Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify or WooCommerce? You can plug Amazon Payment Services straight into your e-commerce suite.

Not sure which integration method to choose? Read more about website integration options here.

Mobile integration

Offer your customers a slick mobile shopping experience so that they can shop when and where they want.

For the best mobile shopping experience we recommend that you code an in-app payment processing experience that directly connects to our API. If you have more limited development resources you can use our Android and iOS SDKs to more rapidly incorporate in-app payments -- without redirecting your customers to a mobile browser for payment.

If your business does not have a dedicated, native app you can still accommodate mobile customers by offering mobile-friendly checkout right on your website. Our customizable website integration route allows you to fine-tune your website payment form to match responsive design objectives, offering a great experience no matter the screen size of your customer's device.

Read more about our mobile integration options.

What payment methods can I accept?

Amazon Payment Services connects you to all the popular global card payment networks -- and local payment options too. You can also offer your customers the opportunity to make recurring payments, or to pay in installments.

Global card networks we support include American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Local payment methods include KNET, Mada, MEEZA, NAPS and Sadad.

Your customers can also pay using popular digital wallets including Apple Pay, Masterpass and Visa Checkout.

Read more about the payment methods you can accept.

Other payment processing options

Please refer to the next section for other payment processing options -- including the trusted channel for PCI-compliant merchants. We also cover batch processing of payments, distribution of invoices and manual payment processing.

Get in touch

On this page we outlined how you can start accepting standard online payments with Amazon Payment Services. Have any questions? Just get in touch -- email the team at