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Live currency conversion

Take away the headache of currency conversion by presenting your customers with prices in their local currency.

You can use our live currency conversion service to dynamically render prices in your customer's local currency, making it much easier for your customers to shop without the need to constantly convert between currencies.

What is live currency conversion?

When you use live currency conversion from Amazon Payment Services you rely on us to automatically convert the prices you hold on your server, in your domestic currency, into the local currency of your customer.

The conversion happens transparently, and on-the-fly. It gives your customers the convenience of viewing prices in their local currency.

In doing so you remove the need for your customer to continuously calculate prices in their local currency. It dramatically improves the shopping experience.

Note that live currency conversion is only active during the shopping process. Once your customer checks out you will present your customer with a final transaction amount in the currency of your merchant account, alongside a local currency equivalent if you wish to do so.

Beware that currency exchange rates are subject to fluctuation and the live conversion rates are strictly indicative. Amazon Payment Services delivers an instant conversion based on rates from XE.

How do I implement live currency conversion?

You must custom-code live currency conversion into your shopping and checkout workflow. You do so by making an API call, and by referring to the currency_conversion command.

Amazon Payment Services will perform the conversion using live currency rates and return a response with the amount converted into the currency specified in your request.

Note that you need to code a workflow that ensures that currency conversion works as expected for your customers. Amazon Payment Services' API simply provides you with the response to a specific conversion request.

Go to the full API reference

We've given you an overview of how currency conversion works. Our API reference contains important details and developers should review the full API reference for complete instructions on how to offer customers live currency conversion.

Need further help?

If you get stuck feel free to get in touch with the Amazon Payment Services team. Just message our support team at