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Protect Plus

For maximum anti-fraud capabilities, you should consider activating our advanced fraud protection service, called Protect Plus.

Protect Plus uses intelligent, real-time analysis that uses machine learning models to detect fraudulent activity.

What is Protect Plus?

Protect Plus adds a powerful additional layer of fraud prevention and it can be used in combination with our standard fraud management service, Protect. Protect Plus means that you further safeguard online payment processing in your merchant account. By doing so you also minimize chargebacks.

When should I use advanced fraud protection?

Under most payment processing scenarios, we would recommend that merchants consider enrolling in Protect Plus to enable advanced fraud protection on their merchant accounts.

Protect Plus provides significantly more capable anti-fraud measures compared to Protect, our standard, rules-based anti-fraud solution.

However, if you have an existing anti-fraud solution, you might choose to use Protect instead. Protect exercises minimal influence on your transaction workflow.

How do I activate Protect Plus?

Amazon Payment Services will activate our advanced fraud protection for you on request. You will then need to custom code interactions with Protect Plus to ensure that you obtain maximum advantage out of Protect Plus functionality.

👆 Protect Plus can be used with both authorization and purchase operations.

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