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Local payment options

Expand your business reach by accepting a range of local payment methods thanks to the partnerships Amazon Payment Services has with local financial institutions. It gives your customers a better checkout experience because your customers can now pay using the card that they like the most and pay in their local currency.

Amazon Payment Services also gives you access to alternative payment methods that are popular in certain countries -- including local financing options.

Local card payments

Currently, Amazon Payment Services supports the following local payment methods:



Saudi Arabia






For a variety of reasons, a customer may prefer to use a local payment method instead of a debit or credit card issued on one of the major global networks. Customers may prefer to pay for goods and services by triggering a direct debit to their bank account, for example.

That's why Amazon Payment Services partners with local payment networks to give you the ability to offer your customers a flexible choice of local payment methods.

For example, Amazon Payment Services has partnered with Mada, under the supervision of SAMA, to enable online payment with Mada cards. It gives KSA residents an easy way to make debit card payments using their bank accounts.

Note that you may need to set up specific merchant arrangements to ensure that you can accept a local payment method.

Other local payment options

We have partnered with local financial institutions to offer you the ability to sell goods via a financing arrangement. Currently, we have two arrangements in place:

Buy Now, Pay Later

Customers in Egypt can make a purchase backed by a repayment plan thanks to our partnership with Egyptian financial services provider valU. The merchant receives the full transaction amount upon completion of the transaction while the customer pays their Buy Now, Pay Later installments over a period of time.

Read more about Buy Now, Pay Later on this page.


Amazon Payment Services is part of the popular installments program, available to customers in countries around the Middle East.

Installments helps your customer to pay for any product or services at your site in regular monthly payments charged to their credit card -- while you receive the full amount upfront. Read more about installments on this page.

Need further help?

If you get stuck feel free to get in touch with the Amazon Payment Services team. Just message our support team at