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Real-time monitoring

You can monitor the current status of transaction processing in your merchant account in real time using our monitoring dashboard which refreshes automatically. You can also configure push notifications and transaction alerts.

The monitoring dashboard displays at-a-glance information on transactions per minute, success ratios, and uncertain transactions. You also get instant insight into failed responses and total payment volume.

Monitoring dashboard

Amazon Payment Services provides you with a dashboard in your back office that makes it easy to monitor transaction flows in real time. It's easy to access the monitoring dashboard, simply click Monitoring Dashboard in the top left in the back office navigation bar.

You can choose to specify a filter to limit real time monitoring to a specific subsection of the transactions flowing through your merchant account, or you can simply click Search to see a report reflecting all transactions.

Figure - Real time monitoring dashboard

The monitoring dashboard will refresh automatically, delivering a continuous update of your transaction performance right through the day.

What can I monitor in real time?

The monitoring dashboard covers a range of key performance indicators. At a glance, you can evaluate the number of transactions processed in the last minute, the attempt success ratio (ASR) of your merchant account -- and a total count of the uncertain transactions currently in your transaction pipeline.

Our monitoring dashboard displays a graph that enables you to monitor the attempt success ratio in real time, with a second graph displaying the number of uncertain transactions over a period of time.

Other data points that you can monitor include failed response codes, as well as the uncertain transactions by issuer and by processor. We also display a total payment volume for your merchant account.

Customizing real time monitoring

You can adjust the way real time monitoring data is displayed in two ways. First, you can choose to filter the data displayed in the monitoring dashboard against a range of criteria -- including dates, processor, currency, issuer, and the payment option. You can also filter against the BIN number.

Figure Filtering real time data

You can also configure how frequently the real time data is refreshed -- selecting amongst one minute, five minute and ten minute intervals.


You don't need to log in to the monitoring dashboard to monitor your transactions. Instead, customize the notifications you receive so that you are alerted when KPIs drop below expected levels -- or when specific transaction events occur, such as a failed purchase.

Read more about notifications here.

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