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If you have customers that are resident in Egypt you can offer the ability to pay for purchases using short-term financing thanks to the partnership between Amazon Payment Services and valU.

valU, in partnership with Amazon Payment Services, offers Egyptian residents the ability to pay for a purchase through a specific installment plan. Merchants receive the full payment upfront.

How does it work in practice?

The Lend service is offered via valU and is integrated into your checkout experience. Customers can more easily pay for big-ticket goods and services using the Lend service, while you receive the full amount as soon as the transaction is processed.

In practice, the Lend service works as follows:

  1. Your customer shops and checks out as usual.

  2. If your customer is registered with valU they can provide their phone number on the checkout page to connect to their valU account.

  3. Your site sends a request to Amazon Payment Services to verify whether the customer is registered as a valU customer -- using the customer's phone number. The valU server validates whether a customer is registered.

  4. The valU server generates a one-time PIN (OTP) code and sends it to the customer via SMS.

  5. Once the customer completes the OTP on the checkout page, the OTP is returned to valU and verified.

  6. valU confirms the OTP of your customer and you proceed to complete the transaction.

Customers that pay with Lend experience an integrated, one-stop shopping and borrowing experience. Merchants process transactions as they normally would, with a minor intermediary step to facilitate the customer's borrowing requirements.

Go to the full API reference

This page is intended to help you understand how Lend works. Developers should review the full API reference for complete instructions on how to implement Lend including a full list of parameters and the relevant endpoints.

Get in touch

We're happy to help you set up Lend payments in your payment processing workflow. Just get in touch -- email the team at to discuss Lend.