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Getting started with testing

You can freely test, and experiment with, most of the features Amazon Payment Services offers. You can do so without ever transferring any funds, and without the need to use a live payment card number that is linked to the banking network.

We facilitate testing by offering you a choice of TEST and LIVE endpoints. The TEST endpoint is a sandbox environment that does not interact with the real banking system. To test transactions in the sandbox environment you make use of a test credit card number.

Signing up for a test account

Do you want to try out Amazon Payment Services to see how it fits in with your web or mobile application? Get in touch with us here for an initial consultation so that we can set up a test account for you.

Once set up you can use your test account to explore our integration and API features in a test environment by connecting to the test endpoint. It gives you the opportunity to see the exact same responses that your customers will see once you go live, but without transferring funds during the transaction -- and without the need to use a live payment card.

When you use the test endpoint you can freely test functionality, without ever triggering transactions that impact your merchant account, or your customers. By using the test account you can ensure a smooth experience for your customers once you go live.

Test endpoints

When you communicate with Amazon Payment Services via an API each touchpoint used during the communication process is called an endpoint. Your merchant site will communicate with resources at Amazon Payment Services using a specific endpoint.

Each endpoint consists out of a URL that points to a service run on an Amazon Payment Services web server. In your code you have the choice of referring to a live endpoint, or to a test endpoint. For the purpose of testing we offer a sandbox endpoint. The sandbox (or test endpoint) is denoted by an "sb" in the URL.

For example, the endpoints for our standard merchant page integration route are:



Any requests sent to will be handled as a test request and will not impact your live account or result in any charges or movement of funds.

Test payment card numbers

Use the list of card numbers below to test your integration across our supported payment methods. Testing your merchant integration with the card numbers listed below will never result in a financial transaction or a transfer of funds.


Note that the numbers listed below will only work if your integration is set to use the test endpoints

Non 3-D Secure Credit Cards

Card Type Number Expiry Date CVV/CVC
Visa 4005550000000001 05/25 123
MasterCard 5123456789012346 05/25 123
AMEX 345678901234564 05/25 1234

3-D Secure Credit Cards

Card Type Number Expiry Date CVV/CVC
Visa 4557012345678902 05/25 123
MasterCard 5313581000123430 05/25 123
AMEX 374200000000004 05/25 1234

Declined & Uncertain Credit Cards

Card Type Number Expiry Date CVV/CVC
Declined Card 4916783391760242 05/25 123
Uncertain Visa Card 4556437649762022 05/25 123
Uncertain MasterCard 5308097663032831 05/25 123

Credit Cards for Installments

Card Type Number Expiry Date CVV/CVC
Emirates NBD UAE 4188870000000002 05/25 123
Riyad Bank KSA 4546830000000003 05/25 123
Emirates NBD Egypt 4278370000000004 05/25 123

Debit Cards

Card Type Number Expiry Date CVV/CVC
MADA 5297410000000002 05/25 123
MEEZA 5078036246600381 05/25 331
MEEZA 5078036231985581 05/25 632
MEEZA 5078036242783546 05/25 415
MEEZA 5078036208980474 05/25 991
MEEZA 5078036264379447 05/25 984

Digital Wallets

Card Type Number Expiry Date CVV/CVC
Visa Checkout 4000000000000002 05/25 123
STCPAY Phone Number OTP
STCPAY Successful 0548220713 1234
STCPAY Declined 0557877988 1234

Local Payment Methods

Card Type Number Expiry Date CVV/CVC Pin
Knet 0000000001 09/25 1234 -
NAPS 4215375500883243 06/25 1234 1234
BENEFIT Successful 4600410123456789 08/25 1234 -
BENEFIT Declined 4550120123456789 08/25 1234 -

Apple Pay Test Cards

Tabby Payment Method

Payment Type Phone Number Email OTP
Success payment 500000001 8888
Declined payment 500000001 8888

Get in touch

On this page we outlined how you can test payment processing without using live credit card numbers. Want to set up a test account, or interested to know more about how you can test payment processing in your development environment? Just get in touch -- email the team at