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If your customer does not have enough cash to pay for products or services you can offer an installment plan. Installments helps your customer to pay for any product or services at your site in regular monthly payments, called equitable monthly installments (EMI).

Your customers can enjoy installment payments thanks to a partnership between Amazon Payment Services and several issuing banks and credit card providers.

Note that installments are charged to your customer's credit card. As the merchant you are always paid the full transaction amount immediately -- it is the responsibility of the customer's bank to collect the installments that are due from your customer's credit card.

Installments is a trademarked service supported by banks across three countries -- Egypt, KSA, and the UAE. At present, Amazon Payment Services is offering installment transactions in Egypt, KSA, and the UAE only.

How do installment payments work?

Even though multiple parties are involved in the setup and processing of an installment plan, from the merchant's perspective, installments are a relatively simple transaction to process.

The hard work is done by the customer's bank: the installment program is configured to automatically handle everything from payment calculations right through to collecting payments when due.

In practice an installment transaction can be processed in seconds:

  1. At checkout your customer selects their bank and chooses an installment plan. Your customer enters their credit card details to complete the purchase.

  2. Your customer is not required to call their bank to convert the transaction into installments. Amazon Payment Services will process the installment transaction automatically, in partnership with your customer's bank.

  3. Once the process is complete your customer receives confirmation via SMS or e-mail. You receive the full transaction amount.

Integrating installment payments

You can use your existing payment processing configuration via our standard or custom merchant page integration to process installments. However, you must send the required parameters alongside your payment request -- including the number of installments, the total amount charged, and the payment currency.

Go to the full API reference

This page is intended to help you understand how installments work. Developers should review the full API reference for complete instructions on how to implement installments.

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Any questions about installments? Just get in touch -- email the team at for more information about enabling installments in your payment processing workflow.