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Mobile-friendly website checkout

Even if your business does not currently have an Android or iOS app you can still offer your customers a great mobile checkout experience using web-based payment integration.

All that you need to do to ensure that your web-based mobile payment experience works effortlessly for your customers is to customize your website payment process to account for the unique requirements of mobile users. Let's take a look.

Mobile web-based payment process

Customers that use your website to pay for goods and services on their mobile device follow a similar workflow to customers that pay using your website on a desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Your customer visits your responsive, mobile-friendly website, and shops as usual.

  2. Once your customer completed shopping your customer checks out on a responsive web page using their mobile device.

  3. You render an integrated payment form that you have customized to offer a good experience on a mobile device.

  4. Your customer completes their payment card details on the form.

  5. You submit your customer's card details to Amazon Payment Services as you normally would.

Even though in-app payment would be the preferred mobile payment experience, a sufficiently customized web-based mobile payment page can still offer your customers a good customer experience.

Integrating web-based mobile payments

You can start accepting payments on your mobile-friendly website using our standard merchant page integration route which makes use of an iframe on your checkout page to render the payment fields.

Alternatively, you could choose to custom-code a payment form using our custom merchant page integration route.

For integration workflow, sample code, and links to API references, please view our standard merchant page integration content here, or read up on custom merchant page integration.

Note you must customize your merchant page integration to accommodate the unique requirements of small-screen, mobile devices. Responsive coding is essential.

As a last resort, you could opt for redirection, which would work just like redirection in the desktop shopping experience. However, we urge caution in choosing redirection as it can harm the customer experience.

Get in touch

Need help in adjusting your website payment page to fit mobile screens? Just get in touch -- email the team at for advice on customizing our merchant page integration routes to fit a mobile-first world.