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Setting the response language

Setting the response language

You can set the transaction response language used by Amazon Payment Services to accommodate customers who do not use English as their first language.

Similarly, where you use the standard Amazon Payment Services payment forms to process payments, you have the option to select a presentation language that meets the requirements of your customer.

Requesting a specific response language

Where you want to directly relay to your customer the response sent by Amazon Payment Services you can do so in a choice of two languages -- Arabic, or English.

By default, Amazon Payment Services will return an English response message that outlines the result of the transaction.

However, you can choose to receive responses in Arabic so that you can directly relay the Arabic-language response to your Arabic customers.

Doing so simple. You simply set the response language you prefer when you send your request to the Amazon Payment Services API. You do that by specifying the language parameter in your API request and submitting either Arabic or English as the parameter.

Selecting the checkout presentation language

Offer your customers a payment experience in their language of choice by selecting from Arabic or English when you send your API request.

This action works where you are using a standard payment process including standard merchant page integration and the redirect options.

When you initiate the payment you specify the presentation language that you prefer to use by including the language parameter in your API request.

Developers that use our Android or iOS SDK for mobile integration can also choose the response language used within the pre-built SDK environment.

Need further help?

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