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Offer your customers an essential layer of fraud protection by enabling our standard fraud protection service on your merchant account. It's called Protect.

Protect is an anti-fraud service that uses predefined rules to evaluate transactions and to flag transactions that may potentially be fraudulent.

What is Protect?

Our standard anti-fraud service is a simplified anti-fraud mechanism that can be used if your e-commerce business is at low risk of fraud, or if your e-commerce technology already includes comprehensive anti-fraud technology.

Using our standard fraud protection mechanism you can apply simple rules to guard against fraudulent transactions.

When should I use standard fraud protection?

We always recommend taking maximum measures against the risk of e-commerce fraud, using our advanced fraud protection service -- Protect Plus, for example. However, your operating environment may imply that Protect is an adequate solution.

For example, your e-commerce business may be extremely low risk in nature and unlikely to attract fraud -- consider a store that sells novel, low-value items, for example.

You may have your own preferred anti-fraud solution that runs on your server, or an anti-fraud partner that you prefer to use. In either case, you may prefer minimum fraud intervention from us and simply opt for our standard Protect service.

How do I activate Protect?

Amazon Payment Services can activate the standard anti-fraud measures in your back office. Our fraud console also allows you to fine-tune the rules used in the anti-fraud measures.

For example, you can track the IP addresses of the customers that shop on your website. By doing so you can help ensure that only legitimate customers shop with you -- and that your customer's accounts are not abused.

👆 The standard fraud protection service can be used with both authorize and purchase operations.

Protect Plus

Our standard anti-fraud service delivers essential anti-fraud measures only. Consider upgrading to our advanced fraud protection service, Protect Plus.

You can read more about advanced fraud protection here.

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