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What is amazon payment services?

Amazon payment services is a trusted online payment solution provider that delivers a complete suite of payment solutions that cater to the needs of the region and are tailored to the Arab online buying habits and trends. We built a system that allows you to customize your own payment stack, making it work for your business from one one single integration to Mobile SDK and multi-currency acceptance, you are ready and set to start accepting online payments.

Who can use amazon payment services?

Every organization can use Amazon payment services to accept payments through all the channels whether mobile apps or websites. From SME’s, startups to governments and big institutions. However, due to legal and regulatory compliance reasons, we are unable to work with some business types.

Where in the world is amazon payment services available?

Amazon payment services is available for merchants in United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait Oman, and Bahrain. While a company should have a legal set up in one of these countries in order get started with amazon payment services, your customers can pay from all around the world, except for sanctioned countires. If you require any support with setting up your company in one of those countries, our local experts can always help you.

What kinds of payments can I accept with amazon payment services?

Merchants can use amazon payment services to accept credit/debit cards, Visa & mastercard, mada, as well as local payment options supported

Can amazon payment services provide a POS Machine?

No, a POS machine is provided directly through the bank.

Can amazon payment services help protect against fraud?

Yes. amazon payment services has a dedicated fraud management team that will be by your side to help you create the best set of rules and criteria to reduce fraud. Our team will also monitor your transactions for any unauthorized charges on your customer’s credit cards.

Is amazon payment services PCI compliant?

Yes, amazon payment services is certified to the latest PCI DSS standards

Do I have to be PCI compliant to accept payments through amazon payment services?

No, because amazon payment services is certified to the latest PCI DSS standards, you do not have to be PCI compliant. Your cardholder’s data will be protected from under our secure network.

What is 3D-Secure?

3-D Secure is a technology that helps verify a cardholder's identity with an additional layer of security. Along with the card number and CVV, an authentication code (sometimes referred to as OTP) is usually required by the cardholder's issuing bank. In theory, only cardholders will know the password; fraudsters shouldn’t know it and, therefore, won’t be able to complete the transaction.

Which businesses are Prohibited?

- Drugs, Tobacco, Drug Paraphernalia
- Animals and Wildlife Products
- Virtual currency or stored value
- Arms and Ammunition
- Liquor, Alcohol
- Escort, dating, chatting, matrimonial services
- Psychic or astrological readings/consultation
- Unfair Lead Generation
- Pornography, Adult entertainment, Adult products
- Gambling, Lottery, sweepstakes, betting, raffles, draws
- Bidding / Auctions
- Multi-level Marketing (MLM), Pyramid scheme, Chain or Network marketing
- Buyers’ Club Sale of counterfeit merchandise / Unauthorized Goods
- Sale or violation of Intellectual property rights
- Forex
- Money and legal service
- Investment & credit services
- No-value-added services
- Aggregation
- Fund raising / Crowdfunding
- Recharging cards (mobile operator’s credit services)
- Online Pharmacies / Medicines and body supplements
- Web hosting - Web developing
- Software/Graphic designing
- Gaming software (Online/Offline)
- VOIP top ups
- Jewelry
- Ponzi scheme

How much time does it take to get a live account?

It usually takes 20-30 days after all required documents are submitted. In very rare cases it can take longer.

Do you work with individuals?

Unfortunately a registered company is necessary.

How can I get started with Amazon Payment Services?

To get started to process payments with Amazon Payment Services, Click the “Join our community” on paymentservices.amazon.com homepage or “Join us” button on the header menu to register for a merchant account by submitting the basic details about your business and completing the payment/ product selection. We will review the information shared and get in touch within 1 business day to share the commercial offer and start the onboarding process.

What is the process to begin transacting with Amazon Payment Services?

If selected, you will receive an invitation email asking you to complete your account setup by login using your Amazon Payment Services credentials. Based on your details that you provided, we will be providing you with a recommended services to start with while you can still customize your own payment stack as per your unique needs, then we will need some more business information that will help us creating your sales proposal and start the merchant account creation (onboarding/underwriting). At all stages, you can complete your info whenever while you monitor your progression through complete profile meter to be able to track and mirror your onboarding stages until going live.

Why do I need to create an Amazon Payment Services account?

Creating an account with Amazon Payment Services will help you start and track your onboarding online. Our teams will be ready and waiting to help you start accepting online payments with us. Our secure screens protected with a login will ensure safe communication of your information. Finally, you can access our blog and market insights to learn more about payments.

How to register on Amazon Payment Services?

If you are an Amazon customer, you don’t have to create a new Amazon Payment Services account in order to register. You can simply use the email address and password you use to log into to your Amazon account to start your journey with Amazon Payment Services, We however recommend that you or your employees use the business emails so that you don’t receive business related emails on your personal account.
If you are not yet an Amazon customer, you can create a new account by following the steps below.
1. Go to https://paymentservices.amazon.com
2. Place your cursor on Join our community button, displayed on the top right-hand corner of the page or Join us button on the header menu.
3. Click Create your Amazon account
4. Complete all empty fields
5. Click on Create an account
You can now use your email address and password to log in to both Amazon (to browse and shop on all of Amazon’s websites) and Amazon Payment Services (to complete your application) because these websites use the same username and password.

Can I use my Amazon Payment Services email address and password to shop on Amazon websites?

Yes, Amazon Payment Services is an Amazon company. You can use your Amazon Payment Services email address and password to shop on Amazon websites and there is no need to create a new account to browse and shop on Amazon.

How private and secure is my information?

We care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. Your data privacy will be governed by the Amazon Payment Services Privacy Policy.

I don’t have an Amazon Payment Services account, can I use my Amazon account information to log in to https://paymentservices.amazon.com

Yes, you can now use the email address and password that you use to log into Amazon to access for Amazon Payment Services.

I want to change my name/email address or password, how can I do it?

These are your Amazon username and password and you can update them from where you are used to update them on any Amazon marketplace setting page. If you change your email address or password on Amazon, remember to use the updated email address or password on Amazon Payment Services as well.

My Amazon account is linked to my phone number. Can I still use it for login?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone number, registered with Amazon, and password to login to Amazon Payment Services. However, we will ask you to provide us with your registered email ID as well, as email is essential part for our next communication with you.

How many users from my company can access the onboarding application and manage it?

At the moment we support only 1 user per application.

I’m an existing merchant with Amazon Payment Services. Can I sign up on the website to track my existing account?

Signing up to Amazon Payment Services will not provide you with the access to your existing account with us.

If I have an Amazon Payment Services account, will I have access to my payments dashboard?

Having an account with Amazon Payment Services allows you access to your onboarding application. You will still need to create new credentials to access your payment dashboard once your payments account is created during onboarding.

I’m unable to access my Amazon Payment Services account / reset the password

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by going to ‘Forget your password’ link. Please follow below steps:
1. Go to “_Forgot Your Password_ (https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/account/forgot-password/email.html)”.
2. Enter your email address or mobile phone number and click continue.
3. You will receive a code to your registered email address or mobile phone number from Amazon. Please enter the code and click continue.
4. Select ‘**Set a new password’** and click continue
5. Please create a new password and click continue to log in.
After you've created a new password, it will become active right away. Your new password will be applicable for all Amazon related accounts.

If I have an Amazon Payment Services account, will I have access to my payments dashboard?

Having an account with Amazon Payment Services allows you access to your onboarding application. You will still need to create new credentials to access your payment dashboard once your payments account is created during onboarding.