Make every channel
your checkout page

Start collecting payments from your customers through quick and simple payment links that can be sent directly to any device or platform.

Anywhere, anytime

Offer your customers a direct way of paying for your products and services simply by sending them a payment link through their preferred online platform – even if your business doesn’t have a website.
One to one
Generate custom payment links for single purchases and send them directly to your customers’ preferred devices, ready to process their payment.
One to many
Collect multiple payments in a few simple clicks with easily manageable invoice batches.
Save time by generating several customer invoices at once
Never miss an invoice delivery with efficient tracking,
creation and delivery processes
Reduce invoice mistakes through automatically highlighted errors
Payments made easy for everyone
Simple and efficient payment links can be generated for all your customers, no matter their location, currency choice or preferred local payment methods. We provide the tools needed to offer better payment experiences to the markets you care about throughout the UAE, KSA, Egypt and beyond.
Keep it simple
Quick payments for a seamless buying experience. No need for website payment gateways. Instant payment link delivery and processing.
Match your brand
Customize your invoice to match the look and feel of your brand or choose from existing templates.
Accept all payment types
MasterCard, Visa, Amex and more.
Instant online payment
Immediate invoice delivery through SMS, Email, Social Media or Messenger Apps depending on your customers’ preference. Fast payment collection. No coding required to activate payment links.
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