Currently available in Egypt

Generate more sales with Buy Now, Pay Later

Offer your customers an easier way to get the things they want now by paying for their orders later, at no extra cost to them or your business.

Accept more payments with our partners

We’ve partnered with the award-winning Egyptian Fintech company valU to enable a broader range of online businesses to offer a ‘buy now, pay monthly’ option to their customers. Through valU, you can empower your customers to enjoy easy-to-use and convenient shopping experiences without the wait.
Gain access to a larger customer base
Loved by 100K+ Egyptians online, in-store and in-app for both banked and unbanked customers. valU offers a simple finance application process and flexible repayment terms.
Increase sales with fraudless payments
Pave the way for peace of mind and increased purchasing by offering your customers flexibility and protection on checkout. Once a transaction is approved, you’re guaranteed the payment.
Keep your customers coming back
Let customers get the items they want without resorting to credit card payments, allowing them to manage their finances sensibly through affordable installments.
We make it simple to offer Lending at checkout
Seamlessly integrate the industry’s leading financing providers into your checkout experience.

Currently only available in Egypt via ValU

valU, in partnership with Amazon Payment Services, offers Egyptian residents the ability to pay for a purchase through a specific installment plan. Merchants receive the full payment upfront.

Give your customers an instant, secure way to finance their items at check out by enabling Lend.


Concerned about the safety of your online payment network?