Welcome on board

We know that starting an e-commerce business is hard work and demands many steps and everyone learn in different ways, so we’ve put together a mix of videos, glance view and downloadable materials for you to assist you throughout your onboarding journey with us.

Website requirements

Watch this video till the end to make sure that your website meets all the requirements listed below as per card schemes regulations.

Requirements at a glance

Meeting Website content requirements is important to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience for costumers and to reduce the risk of cardholder disputes and chargebacks.
General Website Content Requirements
Card schemes rules typically require merchants to have a well designed and secure website for its users.The website should clearly disclose business information and well-drafted terms and policies.
About Us
Your ‘About us’ page is that single and vital page which introduces you to your website visitors, informs them about what you do with the aim to turn them into your future, and hopefully, returning customers.
Contact Us
Now that people know about you and your business, you need to provide them with an option of contacting you if they want to.
Terms and Conditions (T&C)
The Terms and Conditions page sets the rules for using your website and can limit your liability should a customer raise a dispute and it protects your website intellectual property rights.
Privacy Policy
A Privacy Policy is a legal agreement that explains the kind of personal information you gather from website visitors, how you use this information, and how you keep it safe.
Delivery and shipping policy
Letting your customers know when they can expect their order to be shipped and delivered will enhance the shopping experience, increase trust and reduce customer contacts.
Refund Policy
Refunds should be credited to the original mode of payment and your website must clearly detail the return, refund, and cancellation policy.
Cancellation & Replacement Policy
The cancellation & replacement policy should include the timeframe for reporting an item, goods or service ordered to be cancelled/replaced and the related conditions.
A good website is one which transparently provides reliable information to its visitors. All the checklist that we discussed to be included in your website inform your users that you are a legitimate business with trusted and verifiable credentials. Therefore, all these pages are supremely important for the success of your website and business. Ensure that these pages have been optimized for your website, and you are sure to stand out!