Make it easy and affordable to pay for purchases.

Installments with 0% interest on a mobile phone held by a hand.
Offer easy and affordable payment plans for your customers
Get paid in full upfront
Leverage our partner network of 30+ banks
Increase sales by 10 to 15%*
Use these methods to promote Installments and grow your business:

Offer 0% interest rate installment plans

• 0% interest plans have higher conversion rates (15%-35%)* as compared to standard interest bearing plans (1%-8%).
*based on an average across APS’ external merchants

• Customers also refrain from using interest bearing installments plan due to Sharia compliance.

Let your customers know that they can pay using installments by showcasing it across the customer journey

Place banners on the prominent pages on your website to drive visibility for installments payment option

Turn potential shoppers into buyers early in their purchase journey. Place a banner on the home page to let your customers know that you offer installments payment option.
banner about installments on home page

Create a Help page and add step-by-step instructions to address customer FAQs about installments

On a dedicated Help page, provide detailed information to customers on how to avail the installments option, learn about partnered banks and EMI plans, interest charges, checkout process and FAQs to drive an informed purchase decision.
help page describing installments payment option

Display Installments widget on the product page

Display a message widget showcasing installments options below the product pricing information. Highlight equated monthly installment (EMI) charges and compare it with the actual cost of purchase.

Example: For a product that costs 3000 AED, widget will show the message “Buy with 0% Installments and Pay AED 250 per month for 12 months”.
product page describing installments payment option

Show installments option in the cart page

Help your customers in making purchase decision by showing installments offers before they reach the checkout.
cart page describing installments payment option

Highlight installments payment plans on checkout

Create a fully customized checkout experience for your customers. Make it easy for the customers to choose an affordable installments payment plan.
checkout page describing installments payment option

Include “pay by installments” message on abandoned cart email campaigns

Send emails to customers who have added items to the cart and have not completed a purchase. Highlight pay by installments message in the emails.
abandoned cart email describing installments payment option

Best Practices for merchants with Omni-Channel presence

marketing email describing installments payment option

Include pay by installments message

If you have an omni-channel presence, installments can be a part of online sales pitch. Include “pay by installments” message in the payment link message sent via email/SMS.

Our recommendations to raise customer awareness

Send email and SMS campaigns

Email and SMS campaigns to your customers targeting peak events, new product launch etc. can raise awareness about installments payment plans.
email and sms campaigns describing installments payment option

Run Social Media campaigns

Run promotional campaigns on social media, newsletters, blogs etc. featuring installments payment plans to increase visibility.
social media campaigns describing installments payment option.
* APS makes no commitments as regards any sales increase, basket size or frequency of repeat purchases as applicable to your particular business and any statistics provided herein should be viewed as indicative only.