The DIFC Innovation Hub is an initiative announced in January 2020 by HRH Sheikh Mohammed as the region’s largest environment to foster the start-up community to shape the ‘future of finance’ and ‘future economies in the UAE’.

To reinforce our mission to reimagine the digital payment experience worldwide for both merchants and customers, Amazon Payment Services is glad to announce our endorsement of this initiative by launching  the world’s first Amazon fintech lab.

We are looking to empower and create conversation with like-minded business to advance knowledge and growth on the sector. This will be done by working strategically with DIFC to host events, seminars and roundtables.

In the future, the Amazon fintech lab can also showcase Amazon’s comprehensive suite of digital products and services, from Amazon Web Services solutions to Amazon Prime, Kindle, Alexa and online retail, and how to foster synergies between different products and services to enhance the global digital ecosystem as a whole